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Forbes Booking Hotel Reservation Guide

You can learn about our payment terms on this page. Arranging your up-coming holiday is easy and simple with ForbesBooking's quick booking process!


What kind of payment do you accept?

We have many options for client to make a payment online securely for Hotel Reservation.

  • E-check
  • Paypal
  • Wire Transfer
  • Credit card


What is ForbesBooking's Full Pre-Payment?

Full Pre-Payment

  • When Full Pre-Payment icon is shown on a hotel check out page, full payment is required to be made to ForbesBooking upon confirmation of your reservation.
  • Once your reservation is confirmed, you can print out Hotel Voucher and present it to the hotel when you check-in.
  • If you make reservation at least 45 days in advance of check-in date, you have an option of paying 1 to 2 nights deposit upon confirmation. The balance payment will be deducted from your credit card by us prior to check-in. We will notify the date of balance payment in the confirmation e-mail.
  • Remember that WE don’t charge your credit card until you check in to the hotel


What is ForbesBooking's Deposit Payment?

Deposit Payment

  • When Deposit Payment icon is shown on hotel check out page, deposit payment (10-20% of total charge depending on each hotel) is to be made to ForbesBooking upon confirmation of your reservation.
  • Once your reservation is confirmed, you can print out Hotel Voucher and present it to the hotel when you check-in. You are required to make the balance payment directly with the hotel upon arrival.
  • ForbesBooking will pass on your credit card details to the hotel as guarantee of your stay.


:: In case of Deposit Payment bookings::

Cancellation from Deposit Booking

Deposit payment and Booking fee are non-refundable.

In case of NO-SHOW or early check out, the deposit amount will not be refunded. In addition, customers will be charged the additional amount according to each hotel's cancellation policy.


All amendments must be made through email not less than 14 business days prior to check-in date.

Some hotels may apply the additional charges when processing amendment or cancellation requests.

If the amendment results in a refund of payment (reduction of stay, number of rooms, or number of people booked), a handling fee will be charged on the amount to be refunded equivalent to 7% of the total value.


What is Forbesbooking Cancel Policy?

Cancellation/ Refund Policy



  • Customer must notify if you plan on cancelling your booking before check in date 7 -10 days (or more).
  • Please ensure to check the booking conditions prior to make your reservation on the Hotel page because the policy varies depending on the property and seasons.
  • Customers have to check the cancellation policy carefully because the policy varies depending on the property.
  • Cancellation request submitted before the cancellation due date, there is a 10 % administration and banking charge.
  • Any cancellation submitted after the cancellation due date, ONE night will be charged. The additional 10 % of administration and banking fee will be charged.


No Show and Shortening Stay:

  • In case of No show or shortening stay, non refund will be made .

(Considered as cancellation without the required advance notice)


What is Return Policy?

Upon your request of cancellation, will contact your bank immediately to handle the crediting process. The refund will be made through the credit card you use to purchase, however it could take around 30-45 business days for the actual crediting to take place depending on the bank’s practice.


Date      Condition

+15 days prior to check-in|10% of total room price will apply for handling and banking fees.

15 days (or less) prior to check-in|One night penalty plus handling fee (10%) will be charged.

7 days (or less) prior to check-in                | Two night penalty plus handling fee (10%) will be charged.


What is the security of Forbesbooking Hotel Reservation site?

You can trust that all your transactions at are secure.

To ensure that every transaction made on is safe, we use the most advanced encryption technology supported by the Signifyd Fraud Prevention. Our secure server encrypts all of your personal information (including name, address, credit card number, and travel itinerary) so that it cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet. Moreover, SIGNIFYD safeguards your credit card information with triple layer security comprising of Authentication, IP Proving, and SNA protocol protection.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

Encryption is designed to give you control over the privacy of your credit card information, name, address, email, and any other information you provide us. We offer the industry standard security measures available through your browser called SSL encryption. When you enter payment information, it is captured on a page that uses the SSL protocol by default. To ensure that your credit card information is even more secure, we store it on a server that is not accessible from the Internet.

What is Fraud Detection?

Fraud Detection

The advanced technology employed by makes it virtually impossible for our customers' credit card information to be used fraudulently. Moreover, customer's information security is augmented through SIGNIFYD's Fraud analysis team.


Every transaction made on's server will be verified by SIGNIFYD's Fraud Analysis Team to check for any possibilities for fraud. If a detection is made, SIGNIFYD will check with the customer immediately to confirm whether the purchase had really occurred.


Why do I need to sign in or Register?

Username and Password

In addition to all security measures above, every user is assigned a unique Username and Password to access information available on The servers have been designed to intelligently identify each user during the entire process of data communication. This ensures that a user's information will not be accessible by any other user from another computer.


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